Draw Face with Pencil Step By Step

Draw a Face with Pencil:

Draw Face with Pencil
Draw Face with Pencil

Today I’m sharing the information on how to draw a face with a pencil. First, you need a pencil, eraser, scale, tissue paper, paper, and photo. If you want to draw a face you have to practice daily. If you practice daily then only you can improve your drawings. Some of the people not practicing daily want to output that is not possible for those people. So coming to the main point, how to draw a face with a pencil is simple.

First, take the picture and divide it into some boxes. It is easy to draw the particular shape and size of the photo. Many of the people are doing this mistake with the shape of the photo. Divide your boxes on your sheet. First, use a light pencil to draw the face. If you darken first it is hard to rub when you draw it wrongly. The paper would be dark and lead to damage of the paper if you rub hard.

Okay, draw the face outlets correctly. Divide the face parts size and position then only you will get more accurate. Now draw the eyes and make sure you didn’t cross the other parts locations. Draw the iris and veins in the eye to look great. 

Now draw the nose you didn’t draw the full nose with a pencil. Use shading for a good look to the face. Draw the lips and Highlight the Dark location. Make sure your lips should be between the two eyes. Your nose and lips should be in the center location. 

You have to identify the main highlights in order to recognize it. Use blending tools to get shadows on the photo. Draw the basic shapes at the starting of the photo drawing like circle, square, triangle, and oval. Draw the eyes in the middle of the face. Your ears should be in line with eye position.

When you are drawing the hair make sure you have to draw in one direction only. Otherwise, you will not get proper hair. Practice daily which you are not able to draw. If you don’t have a blending tool use tissue paper to blend. 

There are different types of pencils are available like HB, 1 Hb, and 2 Hb, etc., Use some thick paper to draw a line and shade them on to look realistic. If you want more tips to stay with us. 

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