Degree And B.Tech Students May Be Promoted In Telangana:

Degree And B.Tech Students May Be Promoted In Telangana:

Degree and
Degree and

Hello students, In this article, I’m gonna share Information with you. Now In Telangana, all students are waiting for the information about exams. Nowadays it is quite difficult to write the exams. First, they announced the exams would be conducted on This month for final years and after for other students. But now the situation is very different. 

Daily the number of people is increasing in Near Hyderabad. There is a chance to cancel the exams and promote all the students in Telangana. Some other states are already promoting the students, On the basis of previous semester examinations. In our Telangana Also promoted 10th class students Based on this. They also released the Results also. 

It is more important to promote the students. Otherwise, it is quite difficult to get the Job for final year students. Some colleges are conducted Online classes also. Completed project viva through the online.

This option is being worked for the degree courses and professional courses. It is trending on Twitter to cancel the exams. Earlier, The exams are held for final year students. If exams are conducted no one can stop the spreading.

An education minister Sabitha Indra Reddy convened a high-level meeting regarding promoting the students. The meeting was attended by chief secretary Somesh Kumar, Telangana state Council Of Higher Education Chairman Professor T Papi Reddy, Special Chief secretary Of Education Chitra Ramachandran, TSCHE vice-chairman Professor R Limabadri and Professor Venkata Ramana and other members. 

Competitive exams would be conducted firstly. For fresh Intermediate academic students is being planned for after august 15 and Newly admitted students. 

This Is more important to the students. Due to taking this decision, there are both advantages and disadvantages. If a person having to increase their percentage, but this time it is not possible. They didn’t get the high scores in the exams. There is a chance to pass failed students. 

In one college there are a lot of students having backlogs. If that student is passed There is no quality in their studies. No content students also passed in the exams. Many of the Institutions are trying to pass the students if it occurs. The good students can affect their grades due to this decision.

But it is a compulsory situation in Telangana. Thank you for reading the article If you have any questions regarding this please comment in the comment section.

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